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Planning & Zoning Board
Mike Hosek - 2020 Chairman 
Ted Petrak
 - Vice Chairman,
Dick Kunzweiler- Secretary 
Joel Pazour
Duane Overweg 
Gary Dozark (C)
James Nesladek (C)
Clint Soulek - Zoning Administrator

The Planning Department is responsible for managing the physical
growth of the unincorpated area of the county. The Brule County
Comprehensive Development Plan is the official document used to
guide the decision on land use matters. The comprehensive plan is
designed to anticipate and deal constructively with changes
occurring within the county.
The Planning Department consists of two county commissioners and
five county members appointed by the board to five year terms.  The
Planning Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month if needed
to consider any requests.
Daily responsibilites of the Planning Department include any enforcement
of the zoning regulations and issues of zoning and building permits.
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